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IMPORTANT: By requesting an on-site visit from Ion Pools, you agree to all of the following, including payment of the Basic Diagnostic Service Call, even if a decision is made not to move forward with any repairs.

Diagnostic Services

Basic Diagnostic Service Call Rate for Ion Pools Primary Service area of Jefferson and Oldham counties: $125 Basic Diagnostic Call Rate may be higher in other areas. This includes the initial trip and up to one hour on site to diagnose and/or fix the problem and submit an estimate for repair. Additional Labor Rates will be billed at $55 per hour. In situations where the resident of the home is NOT the owner of the property (long or short-term rental), the property owner assumes all liability for charges. Conditions that may cause additional labor charges to include poor access to equipment such as locked gates or blocked equipment and/or no access to power breakers or other disconnecting devices. Hot tub repairs that require draining and refilling will incur additional labor charges.

Hot Tub Repairs

If decking, tile, pavers, or other building materials need to be moved to work on the hot tub, it is the responsibility of the owner to replace and make it safe and secure. Ion Pools accepts no liability for improperly repaired decks or patios. All hot tub repairs require that a functioning 110/120v power outlet be located within 50′ of the hot tub. All hot tub repairs that require draining and refilling the Hot Tub require a functioning hose bibb within 50′ of the hot tub.

Poor access to hot tub side panels may cause additional labor. Landscaping, plants, and other items placed against the sides of the hot tub cause additional time to diagnose and repair. A minimum of 2′ access is required on all sides of a hot tub for ease of repairs. Additionally, hot tub side panels on older units are often rotten and warped and may not be able to be fully re-installed on the unit. Hot tubs that are recessed in a deck or do not have removable side panels may be impossible to work on or may present a large amount of labor to access.

The lack of a functioning GFCI breaker (or plug-end on plug-in models) will cause a delay in the repair. Per the National Electrical Code, all hot tubs must be wired with a GFCI breaker to prevent shock to the users and repair technicians. Per Florida codes, pool and spa contractors are not allowed to replace circuit breakers, and a licensed electrician will be needed to make the repair. No repairs will be made to the hot tub unless the GFCI is replaced by a licensed electrician, and additional labor will be charged for subsequent trips.

All warranties on parts are as per the manufacturer’s written warranty. Ion Pools LLC will provide a 90-day labor warranty on all repairs where the manufacturer does not offer any labor warranty. Labor charges may apply to any Warranty Call if the Manufacturer’s Warranty does NOT include Labor. Please be aware that MOST manufacturers of pool and hot tub equipment DO NOT provide any labor warranty on their equipment.

"Green to Clean" Pool Services

Drawing from experience gained during the 2008 financial crisis, when many homes were foreclosed and their pools abandoned and neglected, Ion Pools can get almost any pool Green-to-Clean. In instances where the pool can not be drained, we can perform a ‘No-Drain’ clean-up. ‘No-Drain’ cleanings will generally take longer and cost more.‚Äč


Contact us for more information on recovering a pool from an algae infestation.

"SpaDoc" Hot Tub Deep Clean

A “SpaDoc” is a deep clean of your hot tub’s plumbing by chemical means.* Over time, even the most cared for hot tub will develop what is called ‘Biofilm’ in the piping. Biofilm is resistant to normal sanitizer levels and must be attacked with other chemicals to kill and remove from the piping. It is recommended to fully drain and refill your hot tub every 4-6 months based on usage. We take the following steps when performing this treatment.

  • Enzyme Treatment to remove Biofilm
  • Super-Chlorination to fully sanitize and kill bacteria
  • Cleaning the underside of the spa cover
  • Neutralization of the chlorine in the water
  • Full drain of the water
  • Clean and rinse of the spa fiberglass shell
  • Refill, balance and new sanitizer added to water
  • Rinse and clean the hot tub cover and cabinet

SpaDoc treatments start at $195.Pricing assumes the hot tub is fully operational and the water and filter are relatively clean. Some situations may require a higher price, and we will advise you before initiating service. Pricing assumes the hot tub is fully operational and the water and filter are relatively clean. If the hot tub has been shut off and unused for any length of time, then the process will need to be completed TWICE to ensure an adequate cleaning adding $150 to the cost.

Requirements and Disclaimers regarding the SpaDoc Treatment

  • A 4-hour window of time
  • A suitable place to drain the water
  • A suitable method to refill the water
  • Old hot tub water may damage plants/grass
  • Some hot tub covers may be impossible to clean due to age/disrepair
  • Some hot tub cabinets may be impossible to clean due to age/disrepair
  • Some hot tubs may not be a candidate for a SpaDoc
  • 1 hour is included for the refilling of the hot tub
  • Low water flow from available water sources may increase the price
  • Other situations regarding the age, state of repair, or location of the hot tub may inhibit the effect of a SpaDoc

Important note regarding residential hot tubs

No residential hot tub is built to the same standards as a commercial pool or spa. It is impossible to guarantee a commercial sanitation standard in a residential hot tub because they are not built to commercial standards of pool sanitation. No service provided by Ion Pools is guaranteed to prevent the spread of any illness in residential hot tubs.

Organizations including the CDC and the WHO, set standards for public health sanitation in the Pool/Spa Industry. Another organization, the NSF, is the organization that sets the standards for the actual equipment used in the Pool/Spa Industry, just as they do with equipment used in food preparation for the Restaurant Industry. To our knowledge, NO residential hot tub manufacturer produces or has produced a residential hot tub that meets NSF standards.

*Due to how hot tubs are constructed, it is virtually impossible to physically clean all of the plumbing and tubing inside a hot tub. Even a small hot tub with just 12 jets will have 140-160 feet of tubing. Larger, full-feature spas can have over 500 feet of tubing. The time it would take to disassemble and clean the insides of that much pipe would be cost prohibitive, to say the least.