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Let the experts at Ion Pools recommend the most appropriate products for your pool, hot tub, and/or spa.

With over sixteen plus years of experience in the industry, we can guide you in your decision-making process.


Robotic Pool Cleaners

Ion Pools is proud to offer Robotic Pool Cleaners by Maytronics. We have models that are Wi-Fi enabled for your ultimate convenience. Scrub the floors, walls, and waterline. These cleaners filter out fine and ultrafine dirt particles to leave your pool sparkling clean. Some models have programmable times. Keep your pool clean without all the hassle! Contact us today to learn more!

UV/Ozone Systems

A UV/Ozone System for your pool can create a safe and enjoyable swimming experience. These systems function by destroying organisms that chlorine typically can’t destroy in your pool. For example, chlorine can neutralize bacteria (pathogens) to a certain extent, while UV/Ozone damages their cellular DNA so they can’t reproduce. Ion Pools can assess your current pool sanitization system and recommend the proper UV/Ozone system for your application. Contact us today for a consultation.

Lightening Alert Systems

Ion Pools recommends the Talos Lightning Detection System. This device can warn you when an electrical storm is within 25 miles of your pool. When lightning is detected, the device will beep and flash color-coded lights depending on how far away the storm is from your location. Lightning commonly strikes water, and since water conducts electricity, a nearby lightning strike could kill or seriously injure a swimmer. Don’t be caught off guard while having fun in the pool! Contact us for more details.

Door/Window Alarms

Most homeowner insurance policies and/or zoning regulations require a fence with gated access to your pool.  We offer budget-friendly pool alarms that can be used on doors, gates, or windows. We also have wireless systems available if those are your preference. Don’t forget this critical layer of security for your pool! Contact us for our recommendation.

Spa Covers

Spa Covers are available in assorted colors. Please keep in mind that slight color variations exist in all vinyl products and these pictures represent the general color of the material. Cost and availability are subject to market conditions. Please contact us for more details.